Feb 15, 2014 2:20:24 PM

Millennials find inspiration for shopping through social networks

Friends' posts influence millennial social media users to make purchases, states a recent report from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research.

Nearly 70% of millennial social media users seem to be influenced by what their friends' post on social networks. Also, different social networks influence the purchase of different products.

For example, Twitter was the social media platform where millennials were most influenced in buying food and drink. Facebook seems to be the place that technology fans predominantly find influence. Pinterest inspires do-it-yourself enthusiasts to no one surprise.

Social media influence for product buying online

For those millennials who shop online mobile tends to be the medium for making the purchase. One-quarter of millennials surveyed reported making 100% of their online purchases on their smartphones.  Mobile is critical for ecommerce brands selling to millennials.

in-store vs ecommerce purchases with social media influence

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