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Apple is Number One Desired Brand in Emerging Market Countries

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According to a study run by Upstream and Ovum, Apple is the number one desired brand in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam.  The study showed that consumers desired Apple, Samsung and Nokia products at rates of 32, 29 and 13 percent, respectively. Apple moved ahead of Samsung this year as the most desired brand primarily on account of Nokia moving down in the rankings. This past year Nokia declined from 22% to 13%. Samsung held relatively stable; 29% of consumers in the study reported that it was their most desired brand, down from 32% the previous year.

Functionality was quoted as the primary motivating factor underpinning the purchase of a mobile phone in these countries (Brazil - 44%, China - 46%, India - 48%, Nigeria - 47%, Vietnam - 48%). Brand trust was quoted as the secondary motivating factor in Brazil (22%) and aspiration of the brand was quoted as the second most important factor in Nigeria (23%), India (26%), China (26%) and Vietnam (29%). The numbers from China may reflect the traction the iPhone is gaining in the country. In a January 2014 interview which Tim Cook held with the Chinese press, the CEO made a point to mention that Apple sold more iPhones in the Greater China region in Q4 of 2013 than during any previous period.


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