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Percentage of Female Social Media Users

Social media metrics

Use of social media is increasing, and a significant portion of this growth has been driven by women. Research recently published by FinanceOnline revealed that women who use social media several times per day is 30% in comparison with 26% for men.

Women are also leading in the use of social media on their mobiles, checking social media on their smartphones at a rate of 46% over the 43% of men. This was observed in tablets too, with 32% of women checking social media on tablets as opposed to 20% for men. Women also use social media more to interact with brands. Over half of women use social media to access brands whereas under half of men do so.

A recent Pew research study offered some perspective on how men and women differentiate in social media use across platforms. The study found that each gender used the following platforms at these percentage rates:

Facebook - 76% female, 66% male

Twitter - 18% female, 17% male

Instagram - 20% female, 17% male

Pinterest - 33% female, 8% male

LinkedIn - 19% female, 24% male


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