May 25, 2014 9:18:26 AM

Is Instagram the Best Social Channel for Brand Engagement?

Instagram photo service as a marketing toolGlobal research and advisory firm Forrester recently released a study that looked at the user interactions of over 3 million users with brand posts on social media. Through studying roughly 2,500 brand posts, Forrester concluded that users don’t often interact with a brand’s social content.

Instagram, however, looks to be the exception to the rule. The study found that for every one million Facebook followers, a brand will receive about 700 comments, likes, and shares. Per every one million followers on Twitter, a brand will receive approximately 300 interactions. These numbers are equal to having an engagement rate of less than 0.1 percent.

Instagram handedly beat out both Twitter and Facebook in terms of user interactions. Out of 1.5 million user interactions with brands on Instagram, there was a 4.21 percent engagement rate. For Facebook, that number boils down to 58 times more interaction per follower. For Twitter, it comes out to 120 times more per follower.

As an example, Forrester looked at Red Bull’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The popular energy drink brand introduced a video featuring a snowboarding half-pipe at the same time on both accounts. As days went by, Forrester noted that out of Red Bull’s 43 million followers on Facebook, it had received only 2,600 “likes.” The video on Instagram received 36,000 “likes” from their 1.2 million followers. Only 0.006 percent of Red Bull’s Facebook fans showed interaction with the brand, compared to 3 percent of Instagram fans.

Forrester’s report offered reasoning behind these numbers:

“Fewer marketers use Instagram, and those that do post less frequently. The result? Brands’ Instagram posts don’t have to fight through as much clutter to reach their followers.”


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