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Consumer to Brand Mentions Are Mostly Neutral [study]

Social media marketing for consumer buying

A new study by Mention discovered that brand name mentions by consumers on social media were neither overwhelmingly negative nor positive. Instead, mentions were mostly neutral. Social, nevertheless, plays a large role in the consumer buying process in helping to spread awareness and information about a brand.

In analyzing 1 billion mentions of 200,000 companies around the globe, Mention found that almost 77 percent of interactions between consumers and brands were considered neutral. Positive mentions comprised 17.61 percent, while negative mentions included the remaining 5.81 percent. Neutral mentions included questions pertaining to brand products or customer service requests.

The day of the week with the most mentions was Thursday, with 15.78 percent of brand mentions. Sundaygarnered the least, with 11.36 percent. Monday (14.38%), Tuesday (15.68%), Wednesday (15.52%), and Friday (15.06%) took up the middle ground, and Saturday (12.22%) brought up the other half of the rear.

Out of the 58 languages that were included in the 1 billion mentions, English was the top language spoken to brands (64.39%). French was next (16.20%), followed by Spanish (11.27%), German (2.84%), and Portuguese (1.24%).

The Mention.com study also included a few other notable figures:

  • 66.67% of mentions with brands came from Twitter
  • 8.58% of mentions came from influential consumers
  • 91% of mentions were from consumers with fewer than 500 followers

Another study by Albatross, explored reasons why luxury consumers become brand followers or fans. The study is helpful in understanding how luxury brands and websites can better engage consumer audiences. The Albatross study also explored research on affluent consumers to better understand their purchase motivations. Social played a large role in the luxury consumer buying process.

Today’s digital landscape offers luxury brands extraordinary tools to effectively show-off their products, and create engaging experience that can easily be shared across a luxury consumer’s social network.

Luxury brand mentions by consumers


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