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How To Increase Digital Marketing Optimization Results

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In a survey from Adobe, they found that the average conversion rate for digital optimization is 2.6 percent. That said, they also found that 20 percent of the companies they surveyed had conversion rates higher than 4.5 percent. How is this the case? And how can other companies be a part of that 20 percent?


The companies utilizing testing achieve greater conversion rates than the companies which are not. Within the top 20 percent of companies, 70 percent said they use testing in some way, shape, or form. Nineteen percent said that they use testing as a form of decision-making. In contrast, only 11 percent of those companies in the bottom 80 percent have adopted testing as a form of decision-making. Still, within that top 20 percent, 30 percent of businesses said testing was not yet a priority for their company. Fifty-four percent of the bottom 80 percent of companies said the same.

Allocated resources

Testing success can result in a better budget for testing, which provides better testing, which results in a better budget, and so on. Fifty-four percent of those top 20 percent of businesses are more likely to be allocating over 5 percent of their budget to multiple optimization activities. Of the bottom 80 percent of companies, 44 percent were devoting less than 5 percent of their budget to the same sector.

Content targeting

Forty-three percent of the top 20 percent of businesses are more than likely using a variety of content targeting processes. Eighty-three percent are also more than likely to utilize data and automation toward content decisions.

Cross-department collaboration

Eighty-eight percent of the foremost 20 percent of companies are prone to collaborate with other departments within the company to increase their testing capabilities. Studies have shown that the companies which participated in cross-department collaboration saw an increase in conversion: 2.6 percent to 4.3 percent.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology’s importance should not be underestimated. Eighty-three percent of the top 20 percent of businesses said the same, citing that mobile technology was the focus of their marketing campaigns in 2014. Still, of the bottom 80 percent of businesses, 67 percent said the same regarding mobile technology. Only 7 percent of the top 20 and 14 percent of the bottom 80 said mobile marketing was not important at all.


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