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Stats Show How To Increase Social Reach on Facebook

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With the decrease of Facebook’s organic reach, digital marketers are finding it harder to utilize Facebook as a method for reaping marketing benefits. But given the recent stats of Facebook’s reach, companies can turn that decrease in reach into monetary success.

Facebook is still a main factor in driving sales via word-of-mouth. Social media traffic from Facebook accounts for 63 percent of sales to e-commerce stores. In 2013, e-sales saw a 129 percent jump in order volume, thanks to referral traffic from Facebook. Facebook is also responsible for revenue of $17 per fan from flash sales.

Facebook is also helping amplify SEO factors. In fact, seven out of the top eight SEO ranking factors are social:

  • 0.40 – Google +1
  • 0.34 – Facebook Shares
  • 0.34 – Number of Backlinks
  • 0.34 – Facebook Total
  • 0.33 – Facebook Comments
  • 0.31 – Facebook Likes
  • 0.29 – Pinterest
  • 0.28 – Tweets

For a page on Facebook that has 500,000+ likes, studies have shown that the page’s organic reach is down 2 percent, thanks to fake “likes” clogging up the page. To combat this, research found a number of methods and paired them with example stats that reveal how businesses have raised their Facebook marketing strategy.

  1. Turn the occasional visitor to the brand website into a true Facebook fan. Fabness, a creative canvas designer, saw a 33.28 percent increase in their sales conversion rate by doing so.
  2. By persuading customers to share their purchases socially, Beretta saw a $19.12 revenue increase per each share.
  3. Spawning social awareness can create connections on Facebook. Carol’s Daughter, carrier of hair care products, saw a 670 percent increase in social ROI and an 8 percent boost in revenue.
  4. When including social testimonials on product pages as social proof, wine retailer Invino saw a 22.22 percent increase in sales conversion rate.


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