Jul 30, 2014 10:29:21 PM

70% of Indian Population Has Active Mobile Subscriptions [study]

Countries outside of North America have grown considerably in terms of mobile network connections and in joining social media platforms. One such country is India. Out of the 1.2 billion people who inhabit the country, 234 million of them – or roughly 19 percent – are now connected to the internet.

Social media users, however, only account for 106 million of those internet users, about 8 percent of the population. Active mobile subscriptions account for the majority of internet usage, with over 886 million users, or 70 percent of the population. And of those 886 million, 92 million are active mobile social users, or 7 percent of the population.

As of this month, Facebook remains the top social media platform used by people in India, with 94 percent of internet users owning an account with the platform, and with 52 percent having logged into their account within the last month. Google+ is second in line; 81 percent have an account, and 35 percent have logged into that account within the last month.

Twitter lacks the popularity in India that it possesses in other parts of the globe, though it does hold its own, with 66 percent of internet users owning an account. However, less than half have used their account within the past month. LinkedIn garners 53 percent of internet usage, with 23 percent having logged into their account within the last month.

Fifty-one percent of internet users have an account with Orkut, a social networking site operated and owned by Google. Only 14 percent of its users have logged in within the past month, perhaps contributing to its downfall. As of this month, Orkut announced that no new accounts can be created with the social media platform, and by September, it would be shut down for good.


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