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Cross-Channel Marketing Approaches Should Be Prioritized [Study]

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When it comes to integrating marketing ploys across multiple channels, a new study shows that 67 percent of digital marketers say it is their current priority.

With almost 1,000 marketers participating, Oracle Marketing Cloud researched how brands and businesses are keeping up with cross-channel strategies.

Forty-three percent of those surveyed said they understand their customers’ journeys and accommodate and adapt their channel mix accordingly. Another 30 percent said they employ cross-functional teams to aid integrated marketing. Nineteen percent said they account for the financial results of cross-channel/integrated marketing. Similarly, 14 percent said they measure the benefits and customer retention percentages when it comes to cross-channel/integrated marketing.

Only 7 percent of respondents said their companies are “very much set up to deliver effectively orchestrated cross-channel marketing activities.” Thirty-five percent said their companies do not fully have the abilities to accommodate for such activities.

When asked if they concur with the idea that “messaging, execution, and delivery strategies are fragmented across touch points,” over 60 percent of respondents confirmed their agreement. Twenty-eight percent remained neutral on the statement.

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