B2B Articles - Sep 3, 2014 9:48:15 PM

Brands See Large Revenue Growth Thanks to Pinterest


A recent study by analytics and marketing solutions provider Piquora states that Pinterest had a heavy hand in increasing their customers’ e-commerce revenue. Their stats show that referral traffic from Pinterest from January to June of this year was responsible for a 67 percent revenue increase.

Pinterest didn’t just increase revenue; it was also responsible for an 8.3 percent increase in referral traffic compared to last year in during the same six-month period.

The types of industries the brands represented included:

  • Apparel brands (45%)
  • Home décor brands (25%)
  • Retail brands (20%)
  • Other (10%)

Website visits from Pinterest referrals also saw a 172 percent increase. Page views per “pin” grew 304 percent.

Piquora CEO Sharad Verma commented on the growing significance of using a social media platform like Pinterest:

“The economic value of a Pin continues to grow. As more and more consumers make Pinterest their first destination to discover new products and brands, we expect these revenue and traffic results to only accelerate through the rest of 2014.”


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