Sep 20, 2014 4:53:42 PM

How long do people spend online every day?

A study by GlobalWebIndex has found that internet users spend an average of 6.09 hours on online media a day.

The survey consisted of internet users from the ages of 16 to 64 and discovered that, of those 6.09 hours, 1.69 hours (or 28 percent) is spent on social media alone.

Delving into the study further, they found that 13 percent of internet users’ time is spent micro-blogging. This would mean that Twitter, most certainly classified as microblogging, is not considered a part of the social media sphere; at least, in this study.

Here’s a further breakdown of how those surveyed spend their time online:

  • Online press – 12%
  • Online TV – 12%
  • Online radio – 10%
  • Reading/Writing blogs – 9%
  • Other – 17%


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