Social Media Post-Click Behavior

Social Media Post-Click Behavior

Content Marketing as part of Your Brand StrategyA new report recently released from Shareaholic helped answer the question of what can be expected of post-click behavior linked to a social media post. Shareaholic examined pages per visit, average visit duration and the bounce rate for the top eight social media platforms during the period of September 2013 to February 2014. Here’s what they found:


  • Average time on site: 227.82
  • Average Pages during visit: 2.99
  • Average Bounce Rate: 43.19%


  • Average time on site: 188.54
  • Average Pages during visit: 2.45
  • Average Bounce Rate: 50.63%


  • Average time on site: 133.10
  • Average pages during visit: 2.23
  • Average Bounce Rate: 51.28%


  • Average time on site: 123.10
  • Average pages during visit: 2.15
  • Average Bounce Rate: 56.35%


  • Average time on site: 127.44
  • Average pages during visit: 2.03
  • Average Bounce Rate: 56.35%


  • Average time on site: 64.67
  • Average pages during visit: 1.71
  • Average Bounce Rate: 56.35%


  • Average time on site: 81.16
  • Average pages during visit: 1.58
  • Average Bounce Rate: 70.16%


  • Average time on site: 54.09
  • Average pages during visit: 1.50
  • Average Bounce Rate: 67.46%

YouTube sees some of the most engaged traffic, simply because visitors find videos to be much more engaging than text or audio alone. Digital marketers may forget about the substantial merits of utilizing YouTube for their business, but with visitors watching six billion hours of video monthly and 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute, the platform may be a worthwhile investment.


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