WordPress Is Preferred Website Building Platform [study]

WordPress Is Preferred Website Building Platform [study]

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A recent survey by 34SP.com studied 1,000 small business owners to determine their requirements, personal qualities, and habits in regards to their website development preferences. They found that 52 percent prefer WordPress for SMB website needs.

The survey then asked why they preferred WordPress over other website building platforms:

  • Ease of use (25%)
  • Manage from any computer (16%)
  • Extended functionality (15%)
  • Accessibility (12%)
  • HTML editing not essential (11%)
  • Support network (11%)

Businesses owners were also asked why they used WordPress:

  • Business (52%)
  • Blogging (21%)
  • Non-profit (16%)
  • Hobby (12%)

A large majority of those small businesses that use WordPress – 94 percent – had an employee headcount of between 1 – 50 people, with businesses ranging from web design, advertising, marketing, healthcare, and IT industries.


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