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Consumers Love Smartphones for Ecommerce

Pondering if mobile ecommerce is a smart move for your business? Or if it’s even worth the effort to invest in your eCommerce mobile experience? Take a look at these statistics that show just how helpful mobile shopping could be for your business.

78% of searches on mobile devices for local business info result in a purchase

  • 61% of searches are from PC/laptops
  • 78% of searches are from smart phones
  • 64% of searches are from tablets

Smart phones play a huge role in ecommerce. Breaking down those numbers further, it has been found that roughly 70% of consumers favor mobile websites over mobile apps to access those purchases. When using a smart phone, 67% of consumers prefer the mobile website, compared to 33% who prefer the mobile app. On a tablet, 71% prefer the mobile website, and 29% prefer the mobile app.

Smart phone purchases have even turned traditional Black Friday shopping on its head. The 2013 holiday season saw one third of all ecommerce purchases made on a smart phone. That number increased from one fifth of all purchases in 2012.

Finally, according to ComScore data research, 44% of consumers’ retail time on the internet comes from mobile phones. Only 11% of retail time is spent on tablets.

Shop.org executive director, Vicki Cantrell, comments:

“Since U.S. consumers now spend more than half of their time on retailers’ web sites using their smart phones and tablets, mobile can’t be viewed simply as an ancillary device or action, it now epitomizes how consumers think and act when they interact with retailers. Retailers have to continue to invest to make sure they get their mobile offerings right, or will increasingly risk alienating customers and leaving significant money on the table.”


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