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iPhone Still Dominates Mobile Website Traffic

Even before the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, research from Adobe found that Apple still dominated the US mobile website traffic for smartphones.

This comes from a June 2014 report from Adobe that looked at mobile website traffic by device and brand.

  • Apple – 54%
  • Samsung – 24%
  • LG – 5%
  • Motorola – 5%
  • HTC – 3%
  • Nokia – 2%
  • ZTE – 1%

The disparity between tablets was even greater, with 80 percent of traffic coming from an Apple device, and only 7 percent coming from a Samsung device.

Adobe also released a study regarding mobile website traffic share. Just over 59 percent of website traffic was through Apple’s Safari browser. Android accounted for 20.3 percent, Chrome 14.3 percent, Opera 2.8 percent, and Internet Explorer 1.8 percent.

In July 2014, StatCounter released a similar report that stated that Apple devices, excluding tablets, accounted for 51.6 percent of mobile internet traffic for the second quarter of 2014. That number compares to 25 percent for Samsung, 4.7 percent for LG, 3.1 percent for HTC, and 1.6 percent for RIM/BlackBerry.


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