Nov 15, 2014 1:18:53 PM

Digital Media Consumption Habits of the Affluent

web analyticsA new report from eMarketer looked at the correlation between the US affluent population and digital media consumption. “Affluent,” in this case, indicates a household income of $100,000 or more. They generated data by studying weekly time spent online by generation and income:

  • Millennials (18-23) – 46.5 percent
  • Gen X (33-49) – 47.6 percent
  • Baby Boomers (50-68) – 39.5 percent
  • Seniors (69+) – 26.0 percent
  • Wealthy consumers ($500K+) – 55.3 percent
  • Total – 42.9 percent

Not surprisingly, those households with $100,000-plus incomes are also largest demographic of smartphone and tablet users. Research from comScore found that one-third of mobile and one-third of tablet users have $100,000-plus incomes.

The study breaks down the habits of the affluent on their mobile phone. Eighty-four percent of affluent of all ages use their mobile phone to access the internet; 45.5 percent use it to access social media. Listening to online radio accounts for 25 percent, and newspaper reading, nearly 21 percent. Watching TV/movies and reading magazines come in at 15.7 percent and 14.1 percent, respectively.


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