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Integrating New Marketing Practices - Europe vs North America

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The misconception that European marketers are at least 12-18 months behind the North Americans when it comes to integrating new marketing practices can be put to rest. In the recently released 2014 State of Inbound report, numbers show that European marketers are at the same level of advancement as North American marketers. In fact, 34 percent of European marketers had a greater ROI from their inbound marketing than compared with the previous year.

The report states that in both North America and Europe, 86 percent of marketers have adopted some form of inbound marketing strategy. That percentage is up from Europe’s 58 percent and North America’s 59 percent in 2013, an astounding 27 and 28 percent growth in one year alone.

In 2013, the major goals for marketers in Europe included generating new leads (23 percent) and reaching the right audience (23 percent). North America’s major focus (24 percent) was on converting contacts/leads to customers. Now in 2014, both Europe (27 percent) and North America (24 percent) have met those goals.

Finally, the survey noted that 52 percent of Europeans comprehend that content marketing is a division of inbound marketing. That number compares to only 44 percent of North American marketers. Both European and North American marketers – 21 percent – agreed that blogging is the most significant inbound marketing project.


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