Ironpaper's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ironpaper is committed to continual improvement in the diversity of our staff, equity in our day-to-day operations, and the inclusion of employees from different backgrounds and demographics in our agency’s success. We are a growth agency committed to working with companies that are effecting positive change in the world, and we know that to accomplish our goals, we need diversity of thought on our teams. 

We understand that, as a company, we have room for improvement, and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in our company and on client teams. We believe there is always space to grow, and we must actively seek ways to improve.

This commitment informs our hiring practices, our unique model for pay raises and promotions, and our dedication to ensuring everyone in our company has the opportunity to contribute to our team’s work and success. 

DEI in Hiring

Ironpaper uses a skills-based approach to hiring. When evaluating applicants for initial interviews, we focus solely on whether their skills match those needed to succeed in the position. This allows us to focus on what’s important for success at Ironpaper and helps us reduce the opportunity for implicit bias to affect the hiring process.

We also include multiple parties in each interview process, including our Hiring Director and the manager for the specific position. By including different perspectives in the hiring process, we can ensure one person’s potential implicit bias doesn’t affect the outcome of our hiring process.

We embrace diversity in all forms, value the talents, perspectives, and contributions of people from all backgrounds, and encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply.

We also strongly encourage applicants to apply even if they don’t meet 100% of the criteria for the position. We’ll do our best to match them to a role that best meets their skills, experience, and interests.

Growth at Ironpaper

We designed Ironpaper’s unique growth path model to ensure that pay raises and promotions are equitable and not influenced by personal opinions or implicit bias. Employees have access to a predetermined set of requirements and goals for each position. There is also a set list of requirements for promotion to the next level, making the evaluation process objective. Every employee is assigned a direct manager who works with them on their continued growth and development in line with the requirements outlined for their role. 

Equity in Ironpaper’s Operations and Success

One of the unique aspects of Ironpaper’s culture is our dedication to ensuring that every team member’s input is heard and respected. Unlike traditional agencies, our Account Leads and Directors take each team member’s input into account and are expected to utilize the expertise of everyone on their team.

We also take steps to ensure employees have insight into Ironpaper’s operations and the opportunity to contribute to our overall growth and success as a company. Interested employees can support Ironpaper’s marketing efforts or join teams dedicated to improving aspects of Ironpaper’s culture. 

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