Content Marketer - Charlotte, NC

Ironpaper is seeking to hire a content marketer for our Charlotte, North Carolina, office. An ideal candidate would have a strong writing portfolio and expertise in writing for business or tech subjects. The responsibilities of this position will include creating a content strategy for B2B technology companies, creating short- and long-form content, reviewing web analytics, conducting research, and client presentations.

Positions open in both the Charlotte, NC office and our New York City office.

Requirements for the position:

  • Strong writing portfolio with examples of blog articles and business writing. Preference to technology-related content.
  • Writing for business subjects or journalism experience
  • Content or inbound marketing experience: using content to attract, educate, convert, and nurture prospective buyers.
  • Experience planning a content strategy
  • Must be a smart and lovely person that is passionate about their work.

Example tasks and projects

  • Create blog articles directed to business leaders in the IT or high tech community. Articles need to be well-researched, provide stats and evidence, and have an educational purpose.
  • Create eBooks on emerging trends in the subject matter and topics listed below
  • Create a messaging strategy that focuses on B2B buyer pain points, value propositions, and industry differentiators.
  • Excellent storytelling skills related to business topics: create eBooks and blog articles on substatial topics with an understanding of the industry.
  • Create an inbound marketing content strategy. Outline content topics and formats to help a company improve their inbound marketing.
  • Ability to quickly conduct research on industries and topics within the business and tech categories
  • Working closely with client stakeholders and conveying fantastic interpersonal communication skills
  • Assist in proofreading and editing
  • Excellent verbal communications. Ability to communicate ideas, interview clients, and present strategies.
  • Ability to gain subject matter expertise in high-tech subjects, HR, the Internet of Things and IT. Ability to research and create narratives for these subjects.
  • May be consider to work on client service teams or work with agency marketing, inbound sales, and inbound hiring programs.

Content marketing job - example portfolio example by Ironpaper

Content Subject Matter:

  • Business and enterprises
  • Information technology
  • Cyber security
  • Enteprise software and SaaS
  • Business operations
  • Marketing technology
  • The Internet of Things
  • Data, Cloud, Cyber, and Analytics
  • Corporate HR

Bonus skills.

Although these are not directly required, any one of the following skills would accelerate success in this position.

  • Capabilities with digital PR or experience publishing work on third-party publications
  • Experience with HubSpot or Marketo or Pardot - marketing automation
  • Experience with the B2B sales process
  • Experience with SEO or marketing analytics
  • Experience with creating content for IT organizations.

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