Market Research Report:

The State of Cold Email in B2B 

250 B2B leaders share how they use cold email in B2B marketing.

The landscape of cold emailing is shifting as data privacy concerns escalate. Emailing cold contacts is becoming ineffective and especially risky to a business. Yet, Ironpaper's data shows that most B2B leaders still use cold emailing as part of their marketing strategy. 
This research report discusses:

This research report discusses:

The business risks of cold emailing 

Data privacy laws and the future of email

Consequences to the brand and sender reputation 

Risk vs. Reward: How to make cold email work with a robust CRM 



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75% of cyber threats are sent through email, making it a top channel for attack.

The Business Risks of Cold Email

Purchased lists come with a high cost. Your company's reputation is on the line, and you're jeopardizing your email sender score.

This could endanger your business's capacity to execute effective email campaigns, irrespective of their quality, ultimately limiting your access to a narrower pool of promising leads.


Ironpaper's survey uncovered key issues marketers face when using cold email lists. 

Ironpaper's survey of 250 B2B decision-makers shows that this group still uses outdated email practices that are no longer effective and pose business risks that impact data privacy and reputation. 


Ironpaper surveyed 250 individuals with business decision-making capabilities at B2B or B2B and B2C companies. 

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