Social Marketing

Social Media Agency

Use Social Media to Build Visibility and Engagement

Ironpaper is an inbound marketing agency that helps clients achieve core business goals. Social media marketing is a vital channel for connecting with buyers, partners, and advocates. We use social media to share great content, connect with influencers, and build visibility within a market.

Social media marketing strategy for B2B

IoT marketing

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Analytics for marketing

Generate Leads & Advocates

  • Content strategy and creation
  • Social media management
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Social Selling
  • Paid social
  • Analytics for social media
  • Lead acquisition
  • PR with social media

Inbound marketing using social media

We use social marketing as a core component of our inbound marketing methodology. Social media marketing can build visibility, trust, and influence that can be tracked throughout the buyer's journey.

Social Web Marketing Campaigns

  • Traffic building and brand visibility
  • Landing pages and conversion points
  • Monitoring, publishing, and proactive management
  • Social marketing strategy
  • Paid, targeted social campaigns
  • Content audit, analysis, and optimization
  • Influencer campaigns
Social media marketing for B2B
Marketing and design agency New York

Social Media Marketing Agency New York

Ironpaper is an internet consultation and production agency focused on the design, marketing, technology and strategy needs of our clients. We help businesses integrate powerful and effective social media market strategy. Our process includes building social applications for Facebook and other networks to launching integrated campaigns for multiple channels and touch-points.

  • Social network websites
  • Social platforms
  • Facebook API and login
  • Social sharing tools
  • Member networks