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Full-Stack PHP Developer - Charlotte, NC

We’re hiring a full-stack PHP developer to work in our Charlotte, NC office. We are seeking a smart, capable, and creative individual who is a team player, but also able to work independently. Join us to build dynamic websites and creative web applications for a variety of clients across industries. We believe that web development is a creative pursuit.

This is a full-time position in our Charlotte, NC office. Positions also available in New York, NY.

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We are seeking to hire a full-stack PHP web developer to help with website and web app projects. The developer candidate needs to have a high-level of competence with web development best practices, front-end web development, PHP/MySQL, and javascript. Experience with managing AWS or Digital Ocean hosting is a plus.

The developer should be also be well-versed in mobile responsive design using frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation CSS. The developer should be familiar with testing for cross browser compatibility issues and load time.

Qualifications include:

  • Full-stack web development
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Responsive mobile development with either Bootstrap or Foundation CSS
  • Must be skilled in writing clean, efficient code
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • jQuery or Javascript
  • Ability to learn new things fast

This position is full-time in our Charlotte, NC office.

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Full-Stack Web Developer Job in Charlotte

Ironpaper is a digital agency based in Charlotte, NC. and New York, NY. We are hiring full-stack web developers for our Charlotte, NC office. We are seeking to hire web developers that specialize in PHP/MySQL and have experience with frontend responsive development.