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Job Opening:

Full-Time Content Marketer in Charlotte, NC.

Ironpaper is seeking to hire a content marketer with a strong writing portfolio and (3+ years of experience). The responsibilities of this position will include creating a content strategy for B2B technology companies, creating short and long form content, reviewing analytics to spot opportunities for new content, conducting research, and client presentations. This is a full-time position to work on location at in our Charlotte, NC office.

Requirements for the position:

  • Strong writing portfolio with examples of blog articles and business writing. Preference to technology-related content.
  • Writing or journalism experience
  • Content or inbound marketing experience: using content to attract, educate, convert, and nurture prospective buyers.
  • Experience with SEO or marketing analytics
  • Must be a smart and lovely person that is passionate about their work.

Example tasks and projects that are required of this role:

  • Create blog articles directed to business leaders in the IT or high tech community. Articles need to be well-researched, provide stats and evidence, and have an educational purpose.
  • Create eBooks on emerging trends in IT or high tech industries.
  • Create a messaging strategy that focuses on buyer pain points, value propositions, and industry differentiators.
  • Create an inbound marketing content strategy.
  • Ability to quickly conduct research on industries and topics within the business and tech categories
  • Working closely with client stakeholders and conveying fantastic interpersonal communication skills
  • Assist in proofreading and editing 
  • Ability to gain subject matter expertise in high-tech subjects, HR, the Internet of Things and IT. Ability to research and create narratives for these subjects.
  • May be consider to work on client service teams or work with agency marketing, inbound sales, and inbound hiring programs.

Bonus skills. Although these are not directly required, any one of the following skills would accelerate success in this position.

  • Capabilities with digital PR or experience publishing work on third-party publications
  • Experience with HubSpot or Marketo or Pardot - marketing automation
  • Experience with the B2B sales process
  • Experience with creating content for IT organizations.

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