Meet Our Team

The Ironpaper team is made up of talented directors, marketing strategists, designers, developers, and specialists.
The team works in our two locations: New York City and Charlotte, NC.

Jonathan, Founder & CEO of Ironpaper

Jonathan, Founder & CEO

B. Randall, President - Ironpaper

B. Randall, President

Katie, Marketing Director

Yuya, Finance Manager

Yuya, Finance Manager

Anna, Operations Director

Regan, Business Development

Regan, Business Development

Kayli, Team Leader - Ironpaper

Kayli, Team Leader

Atul, Business Development

Atul, Head of Production

Hannah, Account Lead of Ironpaper

Hannah, Account Lead

Nora, Growth Strategist - Ironpaper

Nora, Growth Strategist

Tyler, Office Administrator - Ironpaper

Tyler, Office Administrator

Mark, Designer at Ironpaper

Mark, Design Lead

Lauren, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Lauren, Account Lead

Daryle, Marketing Manager - Ironpaper

Daryle, Account Lead

Aaron, Content Marketer - Ironpaper

Aaron, Content Marketer

Ali, Content Marketer - Ironpaper

Ali, Account Lead

Terrel, Inbound Specialist - Ironpaper

Terrel, Inbound Specialist

Kurwyne, Tech Specialist - Ironpaper

Kurwyne, Tech Specialist

Luke, Web Developer

Luke, Web Developer

Amelia, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Amelia, Account Lead

Marianne, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Marianne, Account Lead

Kathy, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Kathy, Digital Marketer

Natasha, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Natasha, Digital Marketer

Nikki, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Nikki, Digital Marketer

Carolynn, Digital Marketer - Ironpaper

Carolynn, Digital Marketer

Mark, Designer at Ironpaper

Elizabeth, Content Marketer

Caroline, Design Technologist at Ironpaper

Caroline, Design Technologist

Santiago, Web Developer at Ironpaper

Santiago, Web Developer

David, Web Developer - Ironpaper

David, Web Developer

Graham, Web Developer - Ironpaper

Graham, Web Developer

Rebecca, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Ironpaper

Rebecca, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Ironpaper - Louis, Chief Dog Officer

Louis, Chief Dog Officer


Our work environment is autonomous, strategic, and collaborative. We're passionate about improving our clients' business success. We love what we do. Just ask Louis, our Chief Dog Officer and official greeter.

Businesses and organizations need to be digital-first, and we help them.
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