UX Job Opening

UX job opening at Ironpaper

We are seeking to hire a UX specialist for a full-time position to support the execution and strategic initiatives of our projects. This candidate will work directly with a project lead and the acting head of marketing. As a UX specialist, you would be given freedom to explore strategies, conduct research, manage analytics, design, run campaigns and provide guidance to the team on strategic direction.
We take a hybrid approach to UX specialization. For us, UX lives in the crossroads of design, research, marketing and technology. We don’t expect all candidates to have all these diverse skillsets from the onset, however we expect our team to actively study and learn to improve their digital skills. 
Responsibilities for this position will include (but not limited to) using web analytics, conducting research, creating wireframes and information architecture, managing Hubspot, marketing planning, participating in design projects, participating in marketing campaign execution, martech management (landing pages, A/B testing, conversion rates, etc) and other marketing efforts to support the team and projects.
Within a marketing context, our UX specialists will help with research, build reports, create personas, help with messaging, conduct experiments, A/B tests, iterate websites and content,   pitch ideas, improve conversions and engagement and create landing pages. 
Within a website or app design project, our UX specialists will conduct research, use analytics, map persona behavior, pitch ideas, create wireframes or information architecture and think through design problems. 
UX specialists can also play other roles within our teams to help drive success for projects longterm. 
We will slightly transform the role based on the unique skillsets of the candidate we hire. 
We are looking for someone:
  • Can work full-time in our NYC office
  • Possesses a strong understanding of UX research or design
  • Understanding of digital marketing principles
  • Organized & clear communicator
  • Loves working on web and marketing projects
  • Analytical
  • Willing to meet our certification requirements
We will require Hubspot certification within the first three months of working at Ironpaper. After achieving Hubspot certification, we will require the candidate to achieve Google Analytics certification or another equivalent certification within the first 6 months on the job. The candidate will be required to maintain their certifications, year after year, and further expand their education qualifications.  In addition, we will require our candidate to participate in all Ironpaper education programs.
About the company and culture:
We are a small and growing digital agency based in NYC. We have a collaborative team and a great company culture, which is important to how we work. Clients view us as strategic partners, and because education, passion and learning are central to how we operate, we earn this trust with clients.
Our clients:
Our projects are primarily focused on digital marketing for B2B enterprises and nonprofits.


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