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Marketing Operations Director - Charlotte, NC

We are seeking to hire a Director of Marketing Operations to work full-time in our Charlotte, NC. office.

We are in the process of improving, optimizing, and scaling our marketing service operations for teams in Charlotte, NC. The position would work collaboratively with our Charlotte Managing Director and our NYC-based Marketing Director to help ensure that we are driving client value, solving obstacles, setting and achieving goals, making the right investments of time and energy, and achieving goals on client accounts as we grow. This position will require both capabilities to delivery marketing strategy, hands-on execution, coaching, and team management.

We are seeking a smart, capable manager with a background in creative process management, marketing management, production management, or equivalent experience. Must have experience managing people and the need for building simple, clear systems to improve operations.

Creative, balanced, and clear communicator:
We are looking for someone who can navigate right brain / left brain thinking. Yes, this is a creative position, while it also requires clear communication and organization skills. We are seeking a well-balanced individual that would love to play a key role in the growth of a highly impactful digital agency.

Marketing team strategy session at Ironpaper

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Core responsibilities:

  • Helping teams drive excellent client solutions (related to marketing, design, OR web tech)
  • Support client presentations, pitches, and meetings
  • Help retain and grow client relationships
  • Coaching individuals to improve their performance, motivation, and success
  • Use analytics to drive marketing decision making
  • Lead marketing workshops for Ironpaper teams and clients
  • Hands-on marketing or sales campaign creation, optimization, and management
  • Improving communications between teams and clients
  • Creative and strategic problem solving to help the agency have more successful relationships with clients
  • Management strategy and execution to support growth of agency, client accounts, and teams at Ironpaper
  • Performance coaching and training: Regular, structured, one-on-one meetings to help individuals improve their capabilities, get the help they need, and strategically align to the agency’s value proposition
  • Participate in the development of systems that allow teams to demonstrate clear and measurable value to client relationships.
  • Play a role in speaking to clients, understanding needs, and getting everyone on the same page
  • Providing coaching and standardized training for teams (to be determined based on your capabilities)
  • Understand and track project scope in order to achieve agency growth
  • Coordinate performance review process: people, teams, projects


  • Great communication and client-facing skills
  • Management experience (people, process, and presentation skills)
  • Agency experience (marketing, production, PR, creative, OR related experience)
  • Inbound marketing execution and strategy skills

Digital Agile Management Operations

Learning and personal development for this role:

We are seeking an individual that embodies our passion for ongoing learning. We are open to candidates that may need to gain new skills for this role. We expect the final candidate to gain 5-6 HubSpot and Google certifications within the first 8 months on the job and a Salesforce admin certification within the first year. We also expect that this candidate will be open to learning and becoming a champion for Ironpaper's methodologies for marketing, sales, content, and management. Additionally, this position will require someone that will continuously learn and gain new and diverse skills over time.  

Ironpaper marketing teams working in a strategy session

Agency Operations Director in Charlotte, NC

We are seeking to hire a manager for agency operations to work full-time in our Charlotte, NC office. We are seeking an individual with more than 10+ years experience working in digital marketing and management of people, teams, and marketing processes.

We are in the process of maturing and scaling our operations to support clients, agency expansion, and increase the number of marketing teams in the agency. The position would help oversee the performance of agency team members, track and guide progress on accounts, provide coaching, help improve processes in the agency, and drive better communications with clients.

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