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Breaking into the US Market

Retarus, a secure, cross-industry, cloud-based communications provider, recently entered the US market to broaden its reach.

Unfortunately, the US rollout gained traction slowly because the unfocused emphasis on multiple industries (and now markets) diluted their messaging. This multi-industry targeting technique meant their content did not resonate with decision-makers in their target industries.


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Ironpaper significantly increased Retarus’ number of qualified, inbound leads through message refinement, thought leadership, paid search, and social campaigns.

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Staring in Q3 of 2021, Ironpaper and Retarus narrowed the focus from a broad swath of industries to one: healthcare — specifically, healthcare employees with 5000+ employees. We knew that a more targeted approach would help us create content specific to healthcare buyers and rapidly test different strategies within that market.

With a new focus on healthcare companies, Ironpaper created Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) for the industry that would help us develop messaging and reach decision-makers through every channel. 

Businesses in the healthcare industry face some unique communication challenges, and understanding these pain points was crucial to creating content that demonstrated the value of the solutions Retarus provided.

One of these challenges unsurprisingly relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in telemedicine visits created a greater need for secure communication and sharing of accurate patient records. Plus, many health systems began to hire more remote employees, furthering the need for secure electronic communication channels.


The messaging refocus paid off as we saw a 33% increase in qualified leads, a 64% increase in web sessions, and a 58% increase in leads from direct traffic.

New Messaging Builds Thought Leadership in Healthcare Communications

Before narrowing Retarus' focus on the healthcare market, their content was mainly devoid of buyer context, focusing instead on its software features or autobiographical elements. While those pieces did well on the sales side, they did not resonate with buyers in the awareness phase.

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Ironpaper developed messaging focused on the pain points and solutions relevant to ICPs in the healthcare industry. We used content offers and blog posts to demonstrate Retarus' understanding of healthcare companies' challenges and how their solutions address those challenges.

We also created webinars, landing pages, and sales enablement resources to direct people back to these content resources using the same messaging. 

Examples of Old Messaging

  • "Message received – Send SMS messages from any system, to any mobile network.”
  • “Your communications need more than just the best.”
  • “The complete solution for business email.”

Examples of New Messaging

  • “Don't let dated technology interfere with patient care. Modernize healthcare communications with Retarus and improve patient health outcomes.”
  • “Patient health records are often incomplete due to disparate EHR systems. Digitize healthcare communications to increase interoperability, efficiency and productivity.”
  • “Improve the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of communications with Retatus Cloud Fax.”

Paid Social and Search Campaigns Designed for the Healthcare Buyer

Ironpaper developed paid search and social campaigns using the updated content methodology. Through market research and analysis, we honed in on a few specific pain points that ICPs in healthcare were particularly interested in and then built ad campaigns to test our findings.

We also built paid social campaigns focused on improving healthcare communications and migrating communication to the cloud. 

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The paid social campaigns were some of the most successful in Q3 and Q4 of 2021, resulting in an 80% increase in paid social sessions and 38 new qualified leads from this channel alone.

Conversion and Nurturing Opportunities for Marketing and Sales

In the first half of the year, prospects who interacted with PPC ads were sent to a Retarus webpage with no clear call-to-action or conversion point, which made converting and nurturing those leads difficult. We began sending them to a dedicated landing page with a clear conversion point, which resulted in substantial growth in PPC conversions in both Q3 and Q4 of 2021.



Ironpaper also created a sales guide for Retarus' sales team that clearly laid out the messaging and communication strategy for nurturing and converting leads. The guide, organized by pain points and accompanying solutions, allows salespeople to demonstrate Retarus' value proposition no matter what challenges their lead is interested in solving.


Once Ironpaper shifted the focus to buyer-centric messaging targeting the healthcare industry, Retarus saw a 33% increase in leads. Paid search conversions increased by 80%, and paid social sessions have increased by 75%, resulting in 38 new qualified leads from this channel alone. Q3 and Q4 also saw a 64% increase in overall web sessions and a 58% increase in leads from direct traffic.


Increase in leads overall


New qualified leads from paid social


Increase in leads from direct traffic

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