Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Companies

Content should we be a core differentiator for a B2B organization on both the marketing and sales side of the buyer's journey. Great content plays a role in attracting, converting, educating, nurturing, and inspiring prospects.

  • Content strategy
  • Content mappings and inventory
  • Content silos and streams
  • Execution and creation
  • Measurement, attribution, and reporting
Ironpaper content marketing strategy methodology based on LEAN/agile principles
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A Single, Unified Buyer's Journey

A buyer's journey should have thoughtful content that instills a company's key value system while being helpful to a buyer.

Content must be used on both the marketing and sales side.

B2B Content: using content to convert, nurture, and close.

B2B Specialists

Ironpaper is an B2B growth agency that focuses specifically on attracting, converting, and nurturing qualified prospects. We invest in content to help differentiate our clients against their competitors. We aim to improve the results of marketing and strengthen the sales pipeline.

  • Content for campaigns
  • Content for inbound marketing
  • Content for ABM
  • Content to help bridge the marketing to sales divide
  • Content for sales

A Creative-Growth Partner

Ironpaper helps clients solve creative challenges and achieve business goals using the web. We act as a dedicated digital team to help organizations attract, convert and nurture appropriate audiences using the digital space.

The Ironpaper team working on a creative asset for marketing.


Companies that align their sales and more practices in place generated 208% more revenue from marketing efforts (Marketing Profs).

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Strategy for B2B Content Marketing

Ironpaper is a growth agency. We improve the B2B buyer's journey. We create, plan, and design content journies that impact both marketing and sales results. By educating prospects, we help them take the next step towards "close." As a highly specialized agency, we move fast through discovery by knowing what to look for in our interviews. We will design a content marketing strategy and provide ongoing analysis, optimization, and improvements using data and insights.