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What changes are impacting your company’s ability to generate revenue?

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About this survey:

Survey question: What changes are impacting your company’s ability to generate revenue?

Survey period: March 2021 - April 2021 

Notes on data:

Buyer needs are changing due to market forces such as innovation, supply chain challenges, commoditization, increased complexity, regulations, and more. Because of these market forces at play, uncertainty in the market exists that has extended the sales cycle.

Ironpaper’s findings illustrate the challenges B2B decision-makers face and uncover patterns in how B2B organizations transform to drive consistent growth. These survey results suggest that B2B companies find lead nurturing challenging. Lead nurturing or engaging leads that have already converted but are not quite ready for sales is a significant obstacle for B2B companies, who often grapple with sales cycles that can last for months or years. 

Whereas lead generation once proved to be a singular concern, knowing what to do with these leads has grown in importance, requiring equal examination and analysis. Thanks to this shift, B2B companies are being forced to reconsider how they speak to buyer needs throughout the sales cycle. The crux of this challenge lies in a business's ability to craft messaging that elicits engagement and resonates with a prospect at every stage of the funnel – even as the buyer's needs change.

With more companies competing in often oversaturated spaces, it will take a thoughtful approach to stand out in the market. This thoughtful approach must recognize changing buyers’ needs and market forces that can trigger or hinder a purchase decision. Buyers are wary, and they are seeking out more educational resources before making a large purchase. The question then becomes, how should B2B companies communicate to educate and inspire? And what should be communicated?

Instead of addressing a prospect's problems head-on, businesses tend to wax poetic about themselves – highlighting technical product features and years in the field. While this has some value, it assumes buyers are already sold on the idea of reinventing existing processes and forgets to educate them about why change is truly essential for success. 

The ability to articulate a value proposition and build a business case for buyers is a common challenge. And while attracting and converting leads is still essential, the companies that understand what to say to these leads across the digital buyer's journey through strategic messaging and content will perform better.

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