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Demand generation strategy to drive successful B2B growth.

Ironpaper is a growth agency that helps B2B organizations stand up successful demand generation programs. Our clients want to improve their B2B marketing efforts.  We focus on results. Our demand generation programs increase qualified lead acquisition and sales opportunities. We provide strategy and full execution for demand generation programs. Our core metrics include:

  • Leads generated monthly (by channel, campaign, and persona)
  • Qualified leads generated monthly
  • Conversion rates for qualified leads per channel and campaign
  • The value of leads over time


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Demand generation specialists

We help B2B organizations improve their opportunity pipeline. Our work combines disciplines to drive results. From creating content to building targeting advertising campaigns, we focus on building a solid foundation and accelerating results.

  • Targeted advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Lead management and scoring

Strategy and execution for demand generation programs must be agile and data-driven.

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What is demand generation strategy?

A demand generation strategy is a comprehensive marketing approach to raise awareness and create interest in a company's products or services by focusing resources on areas of greatest impact.

A demand strategy requires understanding customer needs, gaps in the marketplace, forces compelling change, weaknesses in the current go-to-market approach, and areas of advantage. The demand generation strategy must effectively build interest with an ideal customer base and maximize the use of limited resources. This systematic approach aims to generate leads and nurture them into qualified opportunities that result in increased sales and growth for the business.

Intelligent Execution. Responsive Strategy.

Use data to drive action.

Ironpaper designs B2B demand generation strategies that help accelerate growth. We provide strategy and full execution for demand generation programs. We design the strategy and execute it intelligently.


Marketing and sales messaging strategy


Marketing and sales messaging strategy


Marketing and sales messaging strategy

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Improve your sales opportunity pipeline


B2B demand generation strategy agency

Ironpaper strategizes and implements B2B demand generation programs.

Our demand generation strategies incorporate an in-depth understanding of your target market, leveraging the power of analytics and data-driven insights to identify and attract potential customers.

We realize the importance of nurturing leads; hence our focus is not just on quantity but quality. We ensure that each lead is a potential opportunity for business growth using objective definitions of quality to govern the acquisition program. We measure the success of our strategy by the value it adds to your business over time. Ironpaper is a B2B demand generation strategy agency that connects the dots between critical growth functions--content, campaigns, analytics, research, strategy, iteration, and channel development.

Strategy vs. Planning in Demand Generation

While strategy and planning are important elements of demand generation, they are not synonymous. At its core, strategy is an adaptable and iterative process that gains value through constant testing, learning, and adaptation in the market. Strategy is about making informed decisions based on data, research, testing, and insights. Adjusting decisions as more data becomes available or as market conditions change is vital. Strategy is a dynamic process that requires continuous attention and refinement.

On the other hand, planning is more static and procedural. Planning involves setting specific, measurable actions and goals based on the strategy. These actions are scheduled and executed to achieve the set objectives without considering market dynamics or changes. While planning is crucial for operational efficiency, it does not ensure the strategic relevance of those actions. Marketing plans should not focus on a long-time horizon or be incredibly resource-intensive. Plans change. The strategy identifies that change.

Thus, a successful demand-generation program involves a blend of strategic thinking and meticulous planning. Ironpaper recognizes this interplay and is committed to delivering strategies that are not only data-driven but also responsive to changing market dynamics.

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