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Using Email to Drive Growth

Email marketing for nurturing leads and improving sales opportunities.

When people subscribe to your email list or exchange information with your brand, they expect to receive back communications that are interesting, valuable and appropriate. Email marketing can be a powerful tool with a huge upside, but most organizations use email inappropriately. 

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We help brands use the internet and digital platforms to engage customers and achieve business goals. Email marketing is a primary tool in the digital marketing toolbelt.

Ironpaper connects email initiatives to automation and lifecycle marketing processes to ensure that leads, advocates and customers receive timely, targeted, segmented, appropriate and helpful communications that move them deeper into the engagement process. 

Email marketing with behavioral analytics - marketing automation with email triggers

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Using marketing automation to nurture leads into sales opportunities

Digital and online marketing - automation and email

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Ironpaper is a B2B marketing agency based in New York and Charlotte. We help companies improve email marketing, lead nurturing, lead generation, and sales automation to achieve growth goals. Inbound and digital marketing is our vocation. We build campaigns, technology, design and websites that strengthen our clients' positions in the marketplace.