AWS Cloud Engineer

Job opening in Charlotte, NC

Seeking an AWS Cloud Engineer / IT Specialist - System Admin

We are seeking to hire a full time Cloud Engineer or AWS Solution Architect to support web-based projects, systems, and cloud hosting environments using Amazon Web Services. We are seeking applicants that love working with Amazon Web Services and building scalable cloud networks for supporting websites and applications.

We are a digital agency that helps clients (typically technology companies) grow their businesses using the web through inbound marketing. We build web apps, websites, mobile apps, and power marketing campaigns that drive measurable results.

The candidate we are seeking will work build, optimization, and manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) and employ other AWS solutions to help us scale and support our web applications.

This role will additionally provide DevOps services, such as performance improvements to websites, QA testing during the web development process, setting up software, hosting administration tasks, basic coding, content management tasks, troubleshooting technical issues for web projects, and client support.


  • Management of AWS or Linux servers
  • Fluency with command line/SSH and Github
  • Experience with basic database development (MySQL at least)
  • Planning of new server builds, hosting architecture, load balancing, software & tools
  • Understanding of web development and web hosting issues
  • Strong verbal and written communication etiquette
  • Coding experience (object oriented preferred)
  • Loves working on the technical side of web projects
  • Must be able to work well both autonomously and with a team
  • Some Wordpress experience + willingness to learn quickly in a self-directed manner
  • Desire to learn and grow -- self determined learner
About the company and culture:

We are a small but growing digital agency based in NYC and Charlotte. We have a collaborative team and a great company culture, which is important to how we work. Clients view us as strategic partners, and because education, passion and learning are central to how we operate, we earn this trust with clients.

Our clients:

Our projects are primarily focused on digital marketing for technology companies, SaaS companies, B2B enterprises and nonprofits.

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AWS Cloud Engineer

AWS Cloud Engineer / IT Specialist - System Admin