We are hiring: Content Marketers

Content Marketer - New York, NY

We are hiring a content marketer for a full-time position to drive strategy and execution for B2B inbound marketing and lead generation projects. This position will work directly with client accounts, primarily in the B2B technology space. The focus of the work will be strategy and execution for B2B inbound marketing campaigns with a focus on lead generation. See below for more details.

Positions open in both the New York City office and in Charlotte, NC.

More Details on the Content Marketer Position

This role will work directly on client accounts. Responsibilities for this position will include creating content strategy, content creation (blogs, stories, whitepapers, research, key messaging, and interactive pieces), setting up inbound marketing campaigns in HubSpot, running A/B tests to iterate, reporting on analytics, pitching creative and strategic projects, and leading strategy sessions. You would be given freedom to explore strategies, run campaigns, and provide guidance to the team on project direction.

This position will work directly with client accounts, primarily in the B2B technology space. The primary industries covered will be B2B technology, enterprise software, SaaS, IT, cloud, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, telecom/wireless, digital transformation, marketing technology, and big data. Additional (non primary) industries may be covered, such as nonprofits.

Before applying please be sure you fit this criteria:

  • Experience with content or inbound strategy
  • Writer and content creator. Excellent storytelling skills.
  • Experience with Google Analytics or other analytics
  • Strong understanding of B2B marketing and lead generation using quality content offerings.
  • Ability to provide a writing portfolio
  • Research and interviewing skills to uncover useful stories
  • Bonus: third-party publishing experience (freelance writer or PR experience)
  • Bonus: experience with HubSpot

Responsibilities include:

  • Create content marketing plans for enterprise companies
  • Set up and manage campaigns in HubSpot
  • Lead strategy sessions and present strategy to clients, teams, and leadership
  • Content creation (writing, research, interviews, storytelling)
  • Managing freelance writers
  • Proofreading and editing content
  • Ability to gain subject matter expertise in high-tech subjects, HR, the Internet of Things and IT. Ability to research and create narratives for these subjects.
  • Lead inbound marketing programs
  • Agile reporting, iteration, testing, and results-driven practices
  • Excellent speaking and presentation skills

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