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Digital Marketer - New York, NY

We’re hiring a digital marketer (3+ years of experience) who loves digital marketing and wants to grow their skills in digital marketing strategy, marketing automation, and data analysis. Both a background in digital marketing and a passion for learning are key. B2B lead generation experience, writing skills, and automation chops with HubSpot are are a plus.

Responsibilities for this position include defining inbound marketing strategy, running inbound campaigns, researching and presenting ideas to clients.

Positions open in both our New York, NY office and in Charlotte, NC.

Qualifications include:

  • Has professional experience as a marketer, in both planning and executing inbound and digital marketing campaigns (3+ years of experience)
  • Can work full-time in our New York City office
  • Has a propensity or desire to learn more advanced analytics with HubSpot, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Has experience using analytics for decision making with marketing initiatives
  • Has experience in AdWords and PPC campaigns, or commits to learning AdWords quickly.
  • Possesses a desire for ongoing learning in digital marketing and analytics
  • Strong communications skills: written and verbal

Our ideal candidate would be self-driven, passionate about learning, and friendly. Additionally, the candidate should be a digital marketer and possess skills in inbound marketing and analytics. Strong communication skills are also important, because we need to communicate our ideas to other team members and clients.

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Core responsibilities:

  • Assess clients' analytics and reporting to make recommendations
  • Create landing pages, call-to-action, update website pages, and optimize websites to improve conversion rates
  • Help retain and grow client relationships
  • Implement and manage client HubSpot accounts
  • Use analytics to drive marketing decision making
  • Provide clients reporting on performance and outcomes from marketing campaigns
  • Create and manage organic and paid campaigns with a focus on lead acquisition
  • Provide support and clear communications to clients
  • Strategy and execution for SEO, social media, content, and conversion rate optimization
  • Set goals using lead generation rates as a baseline
  • Contribute to action plans, strategy, and marketing recommendations provided to clients
  • Learn and practice account-based marketing and sales enablement techniques
  • Continually improve your skills, education, and certifications

Learning and personal development for this role:

We are seeking an individual that embodies our passion for ongoing learning. We are open to candidates that may need to gain new skills for this role and will take 5-6 HubSpot and Google certifications within the first year to help with skill development. We also expect that this candidate will be open to learning and becoming a champion for Ironpaper's methodologies for marketing, sales, content, and management. Additionally, this position will require someone that will continuously learn and gain new and diverse skills over time.  

To read more about what key skills successful digital marketers, marketing managers, and content marketers need, check out our blog article "Key Skills for a B2B Marketing Career."

Ironpaper Culture

We are an established team of 40+ professionals vested with designing and producing strategic, creative and technical communications.

At Ironpaper, we are self-starters and enthusiastic learners. We're a nurturing team, and we're proud to support employees on their career path with education sessions, one-on-one coaching, and certification tracks.

Our work environment is autonomous, strategic, and collaborative. We're passionate about improving our clients' business success.

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