Marketing Account Manager - New York, NY

We are hiring an experienced Marketing Account Manager (3+ YOE) to work full time in our New York, NY office to play a proactive leadership role for Ironpaper, acting as a primary manager for designated account teams.

The position would work collaboratively with our marketing director to help ensure that we are adding value to client relationships and achieving goals on accounts. You will act as the chief problem solver and manager for marketing accounts and be responsible for driving success with those accounts.

The role balances overseeing the success of marketing projects, leading training sessions, campaign management, delivering client happiness, and driving marketing results. Additionally, the candidate would play a direct role in ensuring success across all client marketing pitches, presentations, and upsell opportunities, will step in personally to pitch ideas and leading significant client strategy sessions.


  • B2B digital marketing (strategy and execution)

  • Experience with marketing automation (HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, etc)

  • Experience with lead generation

  • Website project experience

  • Great communication skills (written and verbal)

  • Management experience (people and process skills)

  • Agency experience (marketing, production, PR, creative or similar)

  • Creative and strategic problem-solving capabilities

Core responsibilities:

  • Help teams drive excellent client solutions and campaign outcomes

  • Lead training sessions on marketing essentials (SEO fundamentals, lead generation tips, website audits, HubSpot training, how to deal with clients, etc.)

  • Improve communications between teams and clients

  • Performance coaching and training: Regular, structured, one-on-one meetings to help individuals improve their capabilities, get the help they need, and strategically align to the agency’s value proposition. Providing coaching and standardized training for teams

  • Help retain and grow client relationships. Lead the strategy and execution of accounts as a team management function. Directly interface with clients one-on-one or in meetings when deemed appropriate. Pitch big ideas, course changes, and strategy direction personally

  • Lead presentations to share best practices and strategy/execution ideas to help the team improve

  • Team to project goal alignment

  • Track retainer hours and resources used/planned against project goals

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Ironpaper the digital agency: the team working in a strategy session: Jonathan Franchell and Aaron Apple

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