WordPress Web Developer - Charlotte 

We are hiring a WordPress Web Developer. 

We are looking to hire a WordPress theme developer that is an expert in mobile responsive development using Bootstrap or Foundation CSS.


  • 401(k) Benefit
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Work from Home & Paid Time Off
  • Summer Fridays



Apply For The Position

Qualifications include

  • Has demonstrable WordPress experience 
  • Can create a WordPress theme from scratch (without relying on an existing theme) 
  • Can create custom page templates 
  • Familiar with WordPress Codex 
  • Knows how to correctly register (enqueue) JS and CSS files within WordPress 
  • HTML5 / CSS3 
  • Foundation 4  (or Bootstrap)
  • Cross-browser compatibility, including mobile 
  • PHP / MySQL, including WordPress specifics 
  • JavaScript or jQuery 
  • Can find answers via StackExchange and WordPress.org 
  • Personable, and is a good communicator (oral and written)
  • Must be located remote within the US only, and be able to work 9am - 6pm EST
  • Must be comfortable working in a remote environment



Our ideal candidate would be self-driven, passionate about learning, and friendly.

Additionally, the candidate should be a skilled developer and possess skills in Bootstrap or Foundation CSS.

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