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Agency Operations Director - New York, NY

Overview of Operations Director Role:

We are seeking to hire an Operations Director with experience in professional services. Our goal is to improve our operational practice as we grow. We are in the process of improving, optimizing, and scaling our client services. 

For background, Ironpaper is a B2B marketing agency with 40+ full-time employees. We have two physical offices: midtown, NYC, and Charlotte, NC. We currently have two directors focused on client services. This role would focus on improving business operations, team training, workload balancing, employee coaching, and improvements to our client services. 

This role will focus on improving the agency’s operations, processes, training program, allocation of resources vs budgets, documentation, and employee and client retention and happiness. This role will have a hybrid set of responsibilities (since we are a small organization), which include functions related to standard operations management, coaching, some HR functions, and agency leadership. 

We are seeking an individual with strong management capabilities that would be excited to help us grow the agency. 

Management systems that we use.

You will need to master the following methods and put them into practice collaboratively with our leadership team. These four systems can work harmoniously together. If you have direct experience applying these systems, please let us know.

  • Ironpaper core methodologies (you will learn these here)
  • Lean management
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Scaling Up: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash

Core capabilities that we are seeking:

  • Experience managing teams in a professional services organization

  • Ability to align individual goals/aspirations to the needs of a team through coaching and training

  • Excellent project management capabilities

  • Detail oriented: contracts, budgets, timelines, resources, and staffing 

  • Excellent communications: written and spoken 

  • Strong negotiation skills related to client requests

  • Strong understanding of digital marketing 

  • Loves overseeing people and process

Focal points:

  • Oversee agency operations (working in direct collaboration with our leadership team)
  • Improve the gross margin of the agency. Work with Finance Director and CEO to provide top-line business administration
  • Help to set OKRs and lead OKR conversations (facilitate dialogue)
  • Manage the Process Accountability Chart and implement improvements to our process to drive client happiness/value.
  • Track top-level goals of all client accounts. Have frequent conversations about accounts not hitting goals and why. Assess risk of losing account
  • Change team configurations to achieve account goals.
  • Track milestones for key accounts (success metrics, timelines, contract requirements)
  • Conduct interviews and audits to identify weaknesses and opportunities within the agency.
  • Conduct regular client calls to gauge happiness and collect feedback
  • Organize team assignments and flow of projects to improve client value
  • Organize training content, training schedules, and conduct ongoing feedback reviews
  • Conduct interviews/feedback sessions with team members for professional development (Ironpaper's level system). These interviews will be collaborative with other leaders.
  • Oversee the performance of freelance team members and improve the feedback loop from our full-time team to freelancers in order to improve their work.

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Marketing team strategy session at Ironpaper
marketing strategy session at Ironpaper

Example projects and focal points:

  • Operational excellence example: Speak to team members and clients to identify weaknesses in our work process. Create options for solving problems incrementally but swiftly. Work within budget constraints to make progressive improvements to the agency. 

  • Professional development example: Conduct regular interviews of team members and help them better understand their progress within our documented professional development program. Discuss their successes in their current role and obstacles. Identify top contributing team members and those who are struggling. Organize pathways to help team members and teams to improve performance. 

  • Training example: Organize our training program and document who participates. Identify team member weaknesses and set-up training programs to build skills. 

  • Project management example: Build a birds-eye view of our client work and success cases. Work with our office admin to track client happiness and success in a centralized spreadsheet. Track success metrics, testimonials, client interviews, case studies, etc. 

  • Project management example: Break down projects into feasible plans that achieve the goals and objectives of a project and aligns with the organization’s overall business strategy. Work with the Marketing Director to ensure teams have a clear breakdown of objectives and next steps. 


  • Great communication and client-facing skills
  • Management experience (people, process, and presentation skills)
  • Operations leadership experience
  • Related business experience in a client service company

Benefits Overview:

  • 401(k) Benefit
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance
  • Work from Home & Paid Time Off
  • Summer Fridays
  • Happy Hour Fridays
  • Company Outings, Events, Lunches

Ironpaper team members working on a strategic marketing assignment.

Culture, Mission, and Professional Development

Ironpaper is a B2B growth agency.

Our mission is to drive growth for remarkable B2B companies by improving their buyer’s journey.

Our work environment is autonomous, strategic, and collaborative. We're passionate about improving our clients' business success.

Learning and development

We are seeking an individual that embodies our passion for ongoing learning. We are open to candidates that may need to gain new skills for this role. We expect the final candidate to gain 5-6 HubSpot and Google certifications within the first 8 months on the job and a Salesforce admin certification within the first year. We also expect that this candidate will be open to learning and becoming a champion for Ironpaper's methodologies for marketing, sales, content, and management. Additionally, this position will require someone that will continuously learn and gain new and diverse skills over time.  

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