Account Director - Remote

We are hiring a full-time Account Director to lead client accounts.

Does this describe you?

You are a results-driven Account Director with the ability to maintain multiple client accounts with ease. You fully understand the importance of the buyer's journey,  building and nurturing healthy client relationships, developing new marketing opportunities, maintaining the utilization of billable hours, identifying new areas of growth, and communicating those insights to your team and your clients. You love being hands-on in your work and you know that you don't know everything, but you have a passion for learning new skills while encouraging your team to grow theirs as well.

Fundamental Capabilities:

  • Must be able to work full-time remote within the US from 9 am to 6 pm EST
  • Exceptional listening, facilitation, and conflict-resolution skills both client-facing and within your team
  • Digital marketing experience: 5+ years
  • Strong analytic skills with an ability to derive insights for clients and communicate those insights both verbally and in writing
  • Professional understanding of inbound marketing
  • Willingness to learn and a desire to receive feedback
  • The ability to spot not-so-common problems both for your clients and your team before they occur and to mitigate those problems successfully

This position offers the freedom to lead marketing strategy initiatives, execute campaigns, analyze business opportunities, and work collaboratively with a great team.


  • 401(k) Benefit
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Work from Home & Paid Time Off
  • Summer Fridays


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Your Day-to-Day:

  • Account performance, QA, and workflow management
    • Assess clients' analytics and reporting to provide meaningful insights in a way that they can understand
    • Use those same analytics to drive marketing decision making for your team
    • Ensure activities of all team members deliver month-over-month growth and deliver qualified leads in accordance with billable hours of each account.
  • Technical Expertise and Operational Insights 
    • Create landing pages, call-to-action, update website pages, and optimize websites to improve conversion rates
    • Implement, audit, and manage client HubSpot accounts
    • Create and manage organic and paid campaigns with a focus on lead acquisition
    • Continuously question the value of our work to ensure our efforts create results. Ask, "How can we do more with less?" Openly share concerns before they become "issues."

  • New Services + Special Projects
    • Build skills in developing and delivering new services. Spearhead special projects like surveys, etc.
  • Communication
    • Understand the individual client's challenges and build a strong relationship with them to ensure they feel valued while simultaneously reinforcing Ironpaper methodologies
    • Coach account teams members  while simultaneously reinforcing Ironpaper methodologies and developing appropriate documentation
    • Record and share client feedback calls and use the feedback to provide content to set the team up for success



Extra Credit if:

  • B2B marketing experience with a focus on content strategy, sales development, website conversion, and lead generation
  • Experience communicating to a variety of audiences and explaining insights from analyses to both technical, non-technical audiences and executive levels within the IT, Manufacturing or Energy Industries
  • Advanced knowledge of HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, or other CRM tools
  • Professional experience with Google Analytics (or similar analytics application)


We need someone who is self-motivated, obsessed with learning, and inherently kind.

You must be a hands-on leader with substantial skills in inbound marketing and analytics.

The ability to communicate effectively and having emotional intelligence are imperative in order to convey inspiring stories and impactful insights to both team members and clients.

Learning & personal development for this role:

If you are an individual that embodies a passion for continuous learning and personal/professional growth, we are looking for you! Ironpaper's methodologies relate to all aspects of your career with us, so the willingness to grow in a company culture that may be unfamiliar to you is a must. 

Growth is never-ending at Ironpaper and we understand that no one will ever know everything, so it is important that you want to continue to develop your skills for the lifetime of your career and not just to meet the minimum requirements. To encourage skill development within your first year we offer developmental opportunities including both HubSpot and Google certifications.

To read more about what key skills successful digital marketers, marketing managers, and content marketers need, check out our blog article "Key Skills for a B2B Marketing Career."

"Ironpaper has a way about embracing creativity and encouraging everyone here to share their ideas and perspectives openly. I have never felt more seen than I do here, and I could never imagine working anywhere else."

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