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Senior Market Analyst and Research Writer - Remote

Ironpaper is seeking to hire a Senior Market Analyst with a minimum of 5 YOE to focus on research and writing projects. The work will focus on B2B companies in the high tech space including traditional IT, emerging IT, software as a service (SaaS), cloud/data, cybersecurity, energy, and digital transformation.

This role will focus on improving our subject matter expertise through interviews with sales teams, conducting research, messaging maps, documentation of market forces, and other exercises that improve how we position our clients to be relevant to their target buying groups.

Rather than engaging in a long-term, slow-moving research project, this role will allow for multiple, smaller projects at one time. You will have the freedom to explore ideas, be creative, and turn your ideas into tangible campaigns, strategies, and content.


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a research analyst
  • Great communication and client-facing skills
  • Ability to conduct client interviews from the C-Suite to the Sales team
  • Develop probing client interview questions with the goal of gleaning powerful insights to be used in marketing strategy
  • Excellent research capabilities
  • Strong writing skills
  • Subject matter expertise in one or more of the industries mentioned above
  • Must be able to work 9am - 6pm EST or the equivalent if outside of EST

An analyst at Ironpaper will be asked to produce:

  • Conduct interviews

  • Documentation on client interviews that outline takeaways from their sales process, solution set, and buyer challenges

  • Research reports on a specific industry (market forces, messaging, regulations, etc)

  • Messaging maps to document simple, descriptive language that prioritizes substance over a stylistic approach to communications.

  • Market strategy workshops

  • Content mapping and outlines that prioritize key topics impacting an industry

  • Presentations to clients or to the Ironpaper team

  • Other projects in content, research, presentations, and strategy related to B2B marketing.

We are seeking a professional with a background in journalism or research writing or business analysis. The role requires excellent writing, research, and speaking skills. The role will require both analytic capabilities and creative decision making.

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Ongoing Learning and Professional Development Required for This Role.

We are seeking an individual that embodies our passion for ongoing learning. We are open to candidates that may need to gain new skills for this role. We expect the final candidate to gain certifications related to analytics, sales strategies, and content strategy. This role will require ongoing self-learning--assigned reading, books, and research. We also expect that this candidate will be open to learning and becoming a champion for Ironpaper's methodologies for marketing, sales, content, and management. Additionally, this position will require someone that will continuously learn and gain new and diverse skills over time.

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