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We are seeking to hire a B2B Sales Specialist that has experience in business-to-business sales or sales operations and strategy. In this role, you will help our clients improve their sales practices. Additionally, you will continue to develop your skills has a seller by selling our retainer services to inbound, interested prospects and Ironpaper’s existing customer base.

If you join our team in this role, you will be part of a special group of B2B sales strategists. You will continue to learn and hone your skills, and you will have the opportunity to influence how B2B companies sell, nurture opportunities, and enable their sales teams with better technology and practices.

About our sales methodology:

We focus on improving the buyer’s journey for B2B companies that have a high-price point and longer sales cycle. Our methodology focuses on putting the buyer’s perspective first and being consultative rather than pushy and pressure-focused. We believe that selling is a strategic function. It’s not about gimmicks, unrealistic expectations, or always-be-closing. Excellent sellers to Ironpaper must have a strong moral code and a mission to make their client’s stronger, better, and happier.

For Ironpaper, sales requires listening, understanding, and being helpful to buyers. Selling is a large part education and strategic decision-making, as well as being open and clear. Great sales is not a contest between two parties, it’s a collaboration. If you believe in these principles, you may be a good candidate for this role.


In order to qualify for this unique position, you will need to have experience in B2B sales. This experience could be include any of the following:

  • Experience in B2B sales: Working in sales enablement, a customer development team, sales strategy, account-based marketing, or responsibilities that work on both sides of B2B marketing and sales.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Excellent meeting etiquette and fantastic interpersonal skills
  • Additional highly valued skills would include:
  • An ideal candidate has experience with the implementation of Salesforce or similar sales technology.
  • Experience analyzing business challenges or management operations issues

What would you do in this role?

Simply stated, you will help our clients improve their sales practices. We will employ a 80/20 rule for this role. Eighty percent of your time will be helping clients, and twenty percent will focus on practicing sales yourself with Ironpaper’s new business inquires. This 20% selling time is designed to help you improve your skills in sales. To do so, the following initiatives will be part of the functions of this role:

  • Conduct interviews with client sales teams to understand their ideal buyer profiles, what they are *actually* selling, their challenges, and goals
  • Review sales calls
  • Map sales activities throughout the buyer’s journey to identify gaps, weaknesses, and drop of points
  • Set up analytics to ensure we can track activities
  • Work with our writing team to improve messaging, sales content, and communications for sales and lead nurturing
  • Help set lead qualifications to bridge the gap between marketing and sales activities
  • Help to nurture leads and opportunities using content, email outreach, LinkedIn, social media, short-form videos, and value-driven communications
  • Improve how our client’s CRMs (HubSpot or Salesforce) are organized and the practices around their CRM.
  • Document new practices and pitch new workflows to clients’ sales leadership based on insights that we discover in our interviews and research
  • Help to design improved pipelines to manage the flow of opportunities and to ensure that buyer’s are receiving a high value, education-driven sales experience
  • Set up ongoing lead management reviews to identify improvements that we or the client can make to drive more revenue. (Many clients lose track of leads and fail to follow-up with qualified leads. We will ensure that their sellers understand new lead inquiries.)
  • Additionally, you will have the opportunity to conduct sales calls for Ironpaper and land new business opportunities on behalf of the agency. This will allow you to practice our sales methodology and improve your skills.

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Culture & Benefits Overview:

Benefits Overview:

  • 401(k) Benefit
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance
  • Work from Home & Paid Time Off
  • Summer Fridays
  • Happy Hour Fridays
  • Company Outings, Events, Lunches
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