Content Specialist - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a full time Content Specialist in our Charlotte, NC office. We are looking for a passionate writer and researcher who will create compelling content for niche B2B & technology industries. This includes articles, website copy, homepage copy, ad copy, solution sheets, info sheets, and email copy.

All content creation should be well researched, so our ideal candidate should have experience conducting interviews with clients/stakeholders, using third-party research, reports, industry content, etc.

Our client accounts are primarily in the B2B technology space and include enterprise software, SaaS, IT, cloud, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, telecom/wireless, digital transformation, marketing technology, and big data. Additional (non primary) industries may be covered, such as nonprofits.

Before applying please be sure you fit this criteria:

  • Ability to provide a writing portfolio that includes professional works. Business or Technology subjects preferred.
  • To work on location in our Charlotte, NC office.
  • Must be a smart and lovely person that is passionate about their work.
  • Strong presentation, communication, writing, editing, and research skills.
  • Understanding of technology, digital, and business subjects.
  • Willing to learn the core concepts of Inbound Marketing.

Responsibilities include:

  • Create strategic content including blog articles, third-party articles, eBooks, key messaging, interviews, sales collateral, whitepapers, and website copy.
  • Create client content strategies, plans, and messaging and client content strategy documents that frames content maps throughout the buyer's journey.
  • Create messaging and content for lead/opportunity nurturing programs for both the marketing and sales funnels.
  • Ability to quickly conduct research on industries and topics within the business and tech categories.
  • Working closely with client stakeholders and conveying fantastic interpersonal communication skills.
  • Provide thoughtful analysis of digital economies, information technology, cloud, B2B tech, and business transformation subjects.
  • Learn and understand Inbound Marketing methodology.

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