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Design Director - New York, NY

We are seeking an experienced Design Director to lead our design solutions, design strategy, and design team. The right candidate will have a solid background in design, a strong digital design portfolio, excellent communications abilities, and experience leading other designers and teams.  

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Work You’ll Do

  • Own the visual design for our client work (websites, branding, marketing creative, design strategy, and interactive design).

  • Lead our design team. Lead critiques, design process management, coaching, strategy sessions, workshops, constructive reviews, and client presentations.

  • Lead our design process and design management. Distribution of work, conducting work reviews, providing ongoing feedback to other designers, owning the design to development handoff, and ongoing improvements to our design process.

  • Create client value and happiness. We are a digital agency, and most of our revenue comes from recurring client contracts. We need to drive solutions that make clients see our work as a crucial part of their growth.

  • Learn and improve your skills with conversion optimization and the concepts of inbound marketing in order to better collaborate with our marketing team. Understand how design fuels growth for companies. Ability to speak to data and metrics used to make smart design decisions.

  • Management of our design team and design solutions. You will play a direct role in improving the quality of our work, improving our communications surrounding our design services, and providing ongoing coaching to team members. You are a discipline leader with a love and passion for professional development and strategic thinking.

  • Lead client workshops related to design strategy, user experience, branding strategy, buyer's journey, and agile / growth driven design.

  • Act as a team leader with director-level responsibilities in a small digital agency. Willingness to learn, grow, and challenge yourself.

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Must Have for This Position

We are seeking a candidate that meets all of the objectives below. For other candidates, please see our Visual Designer job opening.

  • Strong portfolio in graphic design with specialized experience in interactive / web design projects.

  • Experience with leading design teams and design process management.

  • Experience with leading strategy workshops related to design. Workshops could include design thinking sessions, agile methodology workshops, creative strategy consultations, branding, or strategic positioning / business strategy as it relates to design.

  • Ability to lead effective presentations and pitches. Ability to provide logic and reasoning to clients as well as defend our solutions and strategic direction.  

  • Ability to provide coaching and professional development to other design professionals seeking to improve their design skills, communications, and strategy workshop skills.

  • An excellent communicator.

  • A natural leader with empathic superpowers.

Our ideal candidate would be self-driven, passionate about learning, and friendly. Additionally, the candidate should be a digital marketer and possess skills in inbound marketing and analytics. Strong communication skills are also important, because we need to communicate our ideas to other team members and clients.

Ongoing education

All team members at Ironpaper must gain an understanding of inbound marketing, agile process, growth strategy, and an iterative design process called "Growth Driven Design." We provide classes and access to certifications. Ongoing education is a critical part of our agency culture.

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Our clients

Our projects are primarily focused on digital marketing for technology companies, SaaS companies, B2B enterprises and nonprofits. Experience in these areas is strongly preferred.

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Ironpaper Culture

We are an established team of 20+ professionals vested with designing and producing strategic, creative and technical communications.

At Ironpaper, we are self-starters and enthusiastic learners. We're a nurturing team, and we're proud to support employees on their career path with education sessions, one-on-one coaching, and certification tracks.

Our work environment is autonomous, strategic, and collaborative. We're passionate about improving our clients' business success.

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We’re always learning in digital marketing. Expect to grow inbound skills and take certifications in HubSpot, Analytics, and more.

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