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Business & Technology Writer - New York, NY

We are hiring a full-time business writer to cover B2B technology subjects for our clients. We are seeking an individual with a background in journalism (or similar). This position will require both storytelling and technical writing experience. Must provide a portfolio with examples of writing about business and technology subjects.

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More About the Position

Full-time Business & Technology Writer - New York, NY

A writer focusing on technology and business subjects.

Before applying please be sure you fit this criteria:

  • Ability to provide a writing portfolio with examples of technology and business subjects.
  • To work on location in either our New York City office
  • Must be a smart and lovely person that is passionate about their work.
  • Strong communication, writing, editing, and research skills.
  • Understanding of technology, digital, and business subjects.

Responsibilities include:

  • Content creation: blog articles, third-party articles, eBooks, key messaging, interviews, sales collateral, whitepapers, and website copy.
  • Ability to quickly conduct research on industries and topics within the business and tech categories.
  • Working closely with client stakeholders and conveying fantastic interpersonal communication skills
  • Lead proofreading and editing assignments.
  • Provide thoughtful analysis of digital economies, information technology, cloud, B2B tech, and business transformation subjects.
  • Learn and understand inbound marketing methodology

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