Jonathan Franchell

Founder and CEO of Ironpaper

I founded Ironpaper in 2003 with the goal of helping remarkable companies use the digital space to grow their businesses. I discovered early on that most companies struggle at the intersection of disciplines. Our work helps organizations bridge the gaps between marketing and sales, design and technology; customer needs and products.

Our mission is to be a catalyst of growth for our clients and our team.

I love coming to work each day with the talented and creative team at Ironpaper. As the company evolves, I am more excited than ever about the agency's direction and how we are realizing our mission.

Jonathan Franchell, Founder & CEO of Ironpaper

"When companies take that feedback, wrestle with it and discuss it, rather than ignore it or not even ask for it, is when a genuinely great company culture begins to take shape."

- Written for Forbes Agency Council, 2022

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Avoiding the substance gap requires dedication to understanding your buyer. As more B2B tech buyers become frustrated with irrelevant content, the need for continuously improving ideal customer profiles becomes more vital in the B2B space.

- Written for CMS Wire, 2021

I am focused on improving and growing Ironpaper, an agency I founded in 2003. I guide solutions and teams using a hybrid data-driven and creative process that focuses on measurable business results.

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