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How Ironpaper Helped a Data Solutions Provider Triple The Value of Their Closed Deals


Increase in Total Opportunities Won Value


Increase in Subscription Opps Won Value


Total Opportunities Closed

Our Work

Mobilewalla is a third-party data provider working primarily with consumer industry brands. While Mobilewalla originally came to Ironpaper for a website refresh and better lead handling processes, in 2020, they decided to start focusing more on their digital marketing and lead generation efforts.

In 2021, Ironpaper helped Mobilewalla triple the value of their new deals by zeroing in on the most productive marketing channels and creating compelling, buyer-focused messages.


Buyer-Focused Messaging

Before shifting their focus to digital marketing, Mobilewalla’s content was autobiographical and product-focused, with their story and product features front-and-center.

Ironpaper reworked Mobilewalla’s content strategy to focus on the pain points of buyers in the highest-value industries Mobilewalla serves (e.g., fintech, telco, retail, etc.). By addressing Mobilewalla’s ideal customer profiles (ICPs) with targeted content, Ironpaper improved the quality of the leads entering the sales funnel.


Closed Subscription Deals

In 2021, Mobilewalla’s most valuable opportunities came from subscription deals. Because subscription deals are a recurring source of income, Mobilewalla focuses the bulk of their efforts on generating and converting subscription leads. In 2021, Mobilewalla closed seven subscription deals (three more than in 2020), and the value of those deals was $1,477,250 – more than four times that of the deals closed in 2020.

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Better Quality Leads

The 2% increase in total opportunities won between 2020 and 2021 demonstrated the improvement in lead quality. While Ironpaper generated fewer SQLs in 2021, the higher quality of the leads generated by our marketing efforts made those deals worth over $1M more than the deals closed in 2020.

Investing in Digital Lead Conversion

In 2021, Ironpaper helped Mobilewalla shift to a digital-first strategy that drove qualified traffic to key conversion points online. Previously, Mobilewalla’s lead generation efforts and budget were heavily focused on events, and digital conversion points weren’t a priority in their marketing campaigns.

In 2019, 27% of leads came in through events, and only 6% came in through the Contact Us form on Mobilewalla’s website.

contact form data - website leads vs events
form data lead generation case study

Shifting away from in-person events driving demand

Like many B2B businesses, Mobilewalla had to move its focus away from in-person events in 2020. So, in 2021, Ironpaper refocused our time and resources on driving quality leads to online conversion points, which was reflected in their lead generation breakdown: only 2% of leads came from events, and 62% of leads came through the Contact Us form.

Because the Contact Us form is now a strong conversion point, we also use it to learn more about leads and how to nurture them. In addition to prospects providing their industry and purpose of inquiry, prospects also identify their challenges from a set of predetermined options. This simple change allows leads to tell us exactly what problems they are trying to solve and what kind of content will be useful.

Ironpaper’s Impact

Our buyer-centric content strategy and focus on productive digital marketing channels resulted in big gains for Mobilewalla. With simple messaging changes, Ironpaper tripled the value of the leads in Mobilewalla’s sales funnel, and they were able to close bigger deals with more buyers.

Total Opportunities Won

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