Nonprofit Marketing

Ironpaper is a proven marketing partner for nonprofit organizations.

We help nonprofit organizations develop sound digital marketing strategies to drive better community engagement, ensure sustainability, and share their stories widely.

At Ironpaper, we use the inbound marketing method to help nonprofits sustain long-term growth. We specialize in data-driven campaigns that include SEO, content strategy, social media, PPC and re-marketing, conversion optimization, and fundraising strategy.

Online marketing non profit organizations


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Digital marketing services


Donor Generation

We help nonprofits market to donors, supporters and advocates to build a loyal base of engaged fans.
ROI for startup marketing - customer acquisition marketing for startups

Website & digital marketing

Ironpaper is a hybrid firm that uses design, technology, content and marketing strategy to help clients achieve business goals. We work closely with clients to set goals, produce campaigns, support internal teams and execute multi-channel strategy. Launching a website, from our perspective, is not a pinnacle achievement. We manage all stages of the marketing process: the strategy phase; the launch phase; the go-to-market phase and the growth phase--hence Ironpaper's signature model: Strategize/Launch/Market/Grow.

Nonprofit marketing strategy

  • Marketing automation: for donors, support and the community
  • eCommerce for donations
  • Social media for causes
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Email strategy, segmentation and automation
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content strategy: storytelling for advocacy

Online marketing firm

Marketing automation for online marketing strategy

Marketing automation targeting supporters & members

  • Multi-channel marketing analysis: Gather and compare campaign effectiveness across all channels
  • Full-funnel analytics and optimization: Use automation to improve performance through the entire funnel: top to bottom
  • Goals and predictive analysis: We help clients set and grow their visit/lead/supporter/donor monthly goals
  • We use multiple analytics systems to gain the best visibility of marketing campaigns

Data-based decision making

Using performance data and insights to make decisions helps drive efficiency and effectiveness in marketing campaigns. We power lean process campaigns to gain ROI with marketing.

  • Marketing automation to offer appropriate messaging
  • Web analytics
  • Social media monitoring
  • ROI from marketing efforts
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Strategic advisement
  • PPC and Adwords auditing and management
  • Digital effectiveness
Analytics and online marketing cloud applications

Nonprofit organization marketing agency

Nonprofit marketing plans

We help nonprofits create a digital strategy that is actionable, valuable and measurable.

  • We build 6 to 12 month marketing roadmaps
  • Lean process management
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Digital strategy
  • Analytics & optimization of campaigns
  • Fundraising websites
  • Advocacy for nonprofits
  • Donation nurturing with content campaigns

web icon SEO for Nonprofits
Audits, competitive analysis, on-page and network optimization, execution and implementation (keyphrases, markets, website networks, landing pages, organic vs. non-organic results, short-term and long-term battleplan)
web icon Community Building & Engagement
The web can be a vital platform for nonprofits to build a strong community of partners, members, supporters, donors and grow their board.
web icon Social Media Marketing
Social media & PR strategy, corporate or brand social media policy goals, campaigns and guidelines, social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Better utilize social media for customer engagement.
web icon Analytics & Nonprofit Reporting
Assessment, metrics export tools, ROI assessment, competitive analysis and analytics training. We will work with your team to help them understand your business performance online using metrics.
web icon Usability and User Experience
Building a compelling and intuitive user experience is vital to being effective online. Ironpaper specializes in making online business systems and websites more user friendly and easy to navigate.
web icon Donations and eCommerce
If you build it, it doesn't mean they'll come. We help build a solid customer base for eCommerce businesses and measure their effectiveness in-market.


Interactivity from all angles.

Web design New York


More than images on screen, design is the embodiment of all that is the brand. Integrated functionality, seamless user experience and a well articulated message are the backbone of what becomes our great designs.

Marketing agency


No smoke and mirrors, we get measurable results. Our digital strategies integrate search-ability, social sharing, web presence and the various types of content that attracts engaged customers.

Web development


Don’t remodel your kitchen based on the plumber and don’t pick a company just because they write code. The right technologies. Implemented properly. Integrating existing systems in inventive ways. Us.

Web and digital strategy


Strategy starts with clear definitions of success and all the milestones to get there. Our Playbook is both a technology roadmap and a performance indicator for how we take a brand from 1 to 1 million and beyond.


Some examples

Marketing and design agency New York

Nonprofit marketing agency

Ironpaper is a digital agency that focuses on the integration of marketing, great technology and design. We have offices in New York City and Charlotte, NC.

Our work crosses the boundaries of standard online marketing--integrating business strategy with full web production.

Our approach
Ironpaper's marketing process is one part science and another part creative--focusing on both data-driven analysis and creative problem solving. We believe in best practices, while using in-house experiments to find new approaches before rolling them into client strategies. We are a multi-channel digital and web marketing agency that employs skills in design, technology and strategy to build high-performing campaigns.