B2B SaaS Shipping Company



That’s the number of sales qualified leads (SQLs) and customers conversions we developed for a industry leading B2B SaaS shipping and logistics company.

Tackling a significant problem we reduced their customer churn by increasing the available education content, strengthening their user workflows, and improving all calls-to-actions, especially for first time users.

Our core objectives for this B2B SaaS shipping company included attracting and convert micro-shippers across the US & Canada, and solving the organization’s top business issue at the time: reduce customer abandonment. We successfully increased retention rates for the organization, while also impacting top of the funnel lead generation numbers significantly.

Our work includes:

  • Lead nurturing - With educational content and automated engagement to guide prospects through the the lifecycle.
  • Customer happiness - Through surveying and customer insight we streamlined on-boarding bottlenecks, increased access to proper information and modified messaging for a more “understanding-oriented” engagement.
  • Lead generation - With a multi-pronged approach to fill & nurture top of the funnel and middle of the funnel prospects for a full pipeline.
  • Design & programming - For website and landing page optimization.
  • Marketing automation - A centerpiece of our strategies, to strengthen and scale all campaigns.
  • Multi-channel digital marketing - Influencing all digital touchpoints for an integrated, cohesive approach.


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