Lead Generation for

Manufacturing Companies

Lead generation strategies for manufacturing companies to leverage market growth. 

The manufacturing market has seen significant growth over the past several years. The surge in global population and rapid urbanization has led to a large rise of demand in the manufacturing industry. This economic growth gives manufacturing companies a significant opportunity to invest in marketing to capitalize on increased spending and reliance on the production of goods.

However, generating qualified leads and building a sustainable sales pipeline has become increasingly challenging for manufacturing companies due to the complex buying process and saturated market. 


As a specialized agency, Ironpaper builds marketing programs specifically designed to navigate these market complexities. We partner with manufacturing companies to improve qualified lead generation and drive sales pipelines. 

We measure success in lead generation through the quality of leads and opportunities generated.

  • Qualified leads generated
  • Sales-qualified leads generated
  • Sales opportunities created
  • Target account acceleration
  • Qualified leads conversion rates


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Adapting lead generation for manufacturing companies to new B2B buying expectations

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital buying channels, giving buyers more control over their interactions with salespeople. This change has led buyers to expect more self-education opportunities and less pressure to purchase.

Ironpaper's work spans the entire buyer's journey. We constantly measure the outcomes of campaigns and content performance to ensure that ideal customers get the right information at the right time as they move through the funnel. 

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Standing Out in a Global Market with Differentiated Messaging

The digital shift has expanded the options for buyers looking for a manufacturing partner. Today, the competitive landscape includes manufacturers from around the world, making it difficult for manufacturers to stand out in a crowded field.

To combat increased competition, we identifies what differentiates our clients from their competition and builds our strategy around those differentiators. We focus on building your brand's visibility and helping you reach your target audience effectively.

Maintain Margins Among Complex Pricing Structures

Balancing competitive pricing with strong margins can be challenging when buyers expect volume discounts and customized offerings. Many manufacturers find themselves in the position of marketing based on price and struggling to maintain strong margins in their efforts to secure new customers.

Instead, Ironpaper uses the buyer's journey as an opportunity to create value in the minds of your ideal customers to shift the conversation from pricing to customer experience. Our goal is to help leads understand the value of your unique offering so that they are less likely to drop out of the funnel when price discussions start.

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According to a recent HubSpot report, an alarming 65% of manufacturing companies cite generating traffic and leads as their biggest marketing challenge.

Ironpaper Creates Consistent, Sustainable Growth

We specialize in the B2B buyer's journey, making us uniquely equipped to understand and meet manufacturers' needs. By utilizing a variety of lead generation strategies along with rapid testing and meaningful engagement metrics, we help our clients build sustainable revenue growth.


Value-based content that drives customer engagement

Tying your value proposition to better business outcomes is crucial for engaging leads, most of whom don't have a detailed technical understanding of your product.

Buyer-focused, targeted content educates buyers on the complex issues hindering their success and demonstrates your expertise in solving those problems.

Instead of delivering an endless stream of low-quality content, our team focuses on content that builds trust, educates, and converts qualified leads.

How Ironpaper helps manufacturing companies engage leads effectively in a competitive market.

We Understand Your Buyers. Ironpaper develops a deep understanding of buyer needs through research, interviews, and behavioral data. This buyer profile informs all of our strategy and decision-making.

We Showcase Your Unique Value Proposition. By emphasizing your unique solutions to buyers' problems, we differentiate your company in the minds of your buyers.

We Never Settle for "Average." While benchmarks can provide a starting point, we don't stop there. Our teams constantly iterate on campaigns and messaging to generate as many qualified leads as possible.

We Prioritize Engagement. One of the first actions we take is to develop optimized conversion points with clear, effective calls to action to encourage conversion.

Lead Generation for Manufacturing Companies

Ironpaper offers comprehensive lead generation services for manufacturing companies. Our lead generation strategies are designed to boost brand awareness, attract qualified leads, shorten sales cycles, and maximize ROI. We utilize tactics such as content marketing, PPC, inbound, sales enablement, and branding programs to drive sales for our clients. 

Ironpaper's approach is data-driven, using performance tracking to ensure the best results. We continually measure the effectiveness of our strategies to maximize ROI. Our services help manufacturing companies stand out in a competitive market, attract potential customers, and drive growth.

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