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A marketing automation agency for B2B companies. 

Ironpaper operates as a marketing automation agency, concentrating on aiding B2B companies in leveraging technology to bolster their marketing and sales outcomes. We specifically target long sales cycles, engaging buying groups effectively and demonstrating a clear understanding of their distinctive value motivations and pain points.

Our strategies are geared toward addressing diverse role-based perspectives, ensuring that our approach resonates with each member within buying groups, thereby facilitating their decision-making process. We are committed to engaging ideal customers, helping businesses articulate their value proposition, and solving their growth challenges using marketing automation.

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Use marketing automation to drive more sales opportunities.

Ironpaper creates goal-based campaigns using marketing automation to keep your business and sales opportunities on track. We focus on your sales prospects' behavior, needs, and interests to create engagement throughout their decision process. Marketing automation is a powerful tool to scale relevant communications, build customer intelligence, and power meaningful experiences.


Marketing and sales messaging strategy


Marketing and sales messaging strategy


Marketing and sales messaging strategy

Buyer journey for a VP of Operations

Scale relevant communications.

Marketing automation is crucial in scaling relevant communications, reducing campaign waste, and strengthening the channels that generate the most leads and sales. Relevancy is key. B2B buyers need to be educated over a long decision process. Marketing automation can help engage buyers, collect insights, and personalize content.

Attract and convert new leads using marketing automation

We employ and implement marketing automation technology to improve your view of marketing and sales performance. Typically, once implemented, you will see extraordinary insights into your marketing and sales practices--and ways to improve them. Ironpaper can help define your marketing and sales objectives, create a data-driven strategy, and map the customer journey. We also build out the necessary campaigns, workflows, and integrations to execute your strategy effectively.


Lead generation


Goal-based workflows


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Segmentation and personalization


Lifecycle marketing


Content strategy


Analytics surround the entire funnel


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Call tracking


Marketing automation allows for keen insight into marketing and sales performance.

Marketing automation allows for building stronger B2B growth programs. A well-implemented marketing automation platform can map your customer journey, launch timely campaigns for ideal buyers, and ensure proper tracking and analysis to see what is working and where there is room for improvement. With a centralized marketing database, businesses can gain better insights into their target audience and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

Determining ROI lifecycle tracking analytics


Track behavior through customer lifecycle


Track the actions of anonymous prospects


Build clear and robust lead profiles


Strengthen best-performing channels


Get cost-per-acquisition data

A snapshot of analytics showing visits and submissions
A collage of a contact's lead journey and marketing email analytics

Marketing automation to nurture relationships

Marketing automation employs technology designed for marketing agencies and businesses to automate repetitive tasks, gain better insights from analytics, and improve conversion rates from the entire marketing funnel. Marketing automation helps to increase efficiency with campaigns and reduces human error.

We use marketing automation to strengthen marketing intelligence, offer workflow automation, improve our analysis of marketing campaigns and customers, and build segments for a more customer-centric model of marketing.


Support for marketing automation

Ironpaper is a digital marketing agency that implements, supports, and manages marketing automation solutions to improve lead nurturing, prospecting, lead generation, and conversion rates. Marketing automation can dramatically help organizations improve their results from lead generation and sales nurturing efforts.

You will gain insights into the entire interaction history of everyone who visits your website or calls from all marketing channels, including social media, search, advertising and PPC, email, other websites, PR, and third-party recommendations.

Improve marketing and sales performance.  Centralize your marketing database and gain better business insights.

Marketing automation allows for better tracking and analyzing key metrics such as lead generation, engagement rates, prospect-to-deal upgrades, and conversion rates. This provides valuable insights into what is working and what is not.


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