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Ironpaper focuses on helping industrial companies grow through demand generation and account-based marketing. We generate qualified leads, engage buyers, establish thought leadership, and nurture opportunities by educating decision groups.

Content, campaigns, and websites play an essential role. Buyer journey strategies focus on comprehensively engaging buying groups, which is necessary in industries with long sales cycles and complex decision factors. Educating and inspiring buyers is vital. We clearly articulate the value of the products, pinpoint the motivating factors of pain or need, and address the distinct perspectives of different roles within the buying group.


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Ideal customer engagement

Industrial companies face unique challenges in marketing their products and services. With longer sales cycles, complex decision-making processes, shifting regulations, limited differentiation, technological change, and constantly evolving industry demands, B2B marketing for industrial companies requires a specialized approach.

At Ironpaper, we understand the importance of a sustainable customer development pipeline for industrial companies. We transform marketing programs into drivers of tangible growth for B2B industrials. 


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Buyer Acquisition Strategies

Ironpaper tactically utilizes a blend of demand generation and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns to cultivate a robust pipeline of qualified leads for industrial companies. Leveraging relevant channels, we ensure a constant flow of information to engage potential buyers. We prioritize creating and sharing substantial content, supplemented with thought leadership, to present a compelling narrative that caters to the viewpoints within a buying group.

Our approach focuses on engaging ideal buyers with a clear value proposition and addressing underlying pain points. A well-rounded buyer journey strategy effectively engages buying groups, acknowledging the long sales cycles typical in the industrial sector. Ironpaper builds a first-party data strategy to ensure marketing efforts generate outcomes and insights.

Growth struggles for industrial companies.

Industrial companies often struggle to acquire customers due to a few key challenges. Their solutions are usually complex, with a steep learning curve, making it hard for potential customers to understand the value and usage of the product entirely. Customers of these companies are risk-averse, which makes sales a complex chore. This complexity also lengthens the sales cycle as it requires more time to educate the customers. Sales cycles are often between one and five years long.

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Fighting Competition

Many industrial companies operate in a highly competitive market where differentiation can be difficult. Winning customers is challenging without a unique selling proposition. Regulatory compliance is another significant challenge for industrial companies, as they need to navigate a labyrinth of ever-changing local, national, and international laws and standards, which can significantly impact their operations and marketability.

B2B marketing for industrials must focus on more than generating leads. Marketing programs must educate, inspire, engage, and convert. 

In the complex world of B2B, a dynamic marketing strategy is crucial.


As the industrial landscape evolves rapidly, we empower businesses in their growth and revenue generation. Our focus? Guiding buyers through market changes and their evolving needs, all while considering risk factors.

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B2B industrials must also market to existing customers.

Accessing buyers in the B2B industrial sector often presents a significant challenge. Unlike consumers in a B2C market, these buyers are typically limited in number, have complex requirements, and are often harder to reach due to layers of organizational hierarchy. Therefore, any possible customer loss hits harder, and customer acquisition becomes challenging.

It's essential to understand that these buyers are substantially more valuable. A single buyer in the B2B industrial sector can represent a significant contract, potentially providing a consistent revenue stream over a long period. Understanding customer needs, building trust, providing education, and establishing long-term relationships is critical. Marketing should extend to existing customers--and new business opportunity development.


B2B marketing must be adaptive and data-driven. 

A B2B marketing and lead generation for industrial companies.

B2B marketing, demand generation, account-based marketing, targeted campaigns, inbound, websites, and sales enablement.

B2B marketing for industrial companies necessitates a strategic and targeted approach to drive qualified leads and revenue. Given the complexity of the industrial sector, single-channel marketing methods may be inadequate. B2B industrial companies must blend demand generation and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). With demand generation, businesses can attract potential buyers by increasing awareness and interest in their offerings. Meanwhile, ABM helps to focus efforts on specific accounts in the market, creating personalized campaigns that resonate with each potential buyer's needs and challenges.

Targeted campaigns and inbound marketing are other tools that are integral to this strategy. Targeted campaigns allow businesses to deliver personalized content to potential buyers based on their needs and behavior. Inbound marketing, however, revolves around creating relevant and helpful content that adds value to the buyers. This strategy naturally attracts potential buyers to your business’s products or services, making it a powerful tool in B2B marketing for industrial companies.

Websites play a significant role, too, serving as the digital face of the business. A well-structured website provides product information, builds credibility, and enables lead generation. Similarly, sales enablement is vital, as it equips the sales team with the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to effectively sell the product. It involves providing salespeople with content, tools, knowledge, and information to sell more effectively. In conclusion, for industrial companies to succeed in B2B marketing and lead generation, they should encapsulate demand generation, ABM, targeted campaigns, inbound marketing, a well-structured website, and effective sales enablement.

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